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Lions Hall

      Ln.Balakrishnan Nair memorial Lions Hall, located at the heart of the Calicut city serves as the abode for the Lions fraternity in Calicut.  
  Lions Hall  
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  History of Lions Hall of Calicut  
            The lions CLub of Calicut has always been a trendsetter in the field of lionism, and an icon to be emulated by innumerable clubs that sprang up in the state, later on. From the beginning the regular meeting of the club used to be held at Hotel Alakapuri. With the initiation of numerous service projects, a permanent place for the club became a necessity. A land and building commitee was constituted for this purpose in 1996. In the year 2000, a suitable land at Rajiv Nagar colony, with an area of 14.5 cents was purchased costing Rs 11.5 Lakhs. This was possible by the liberal financial contribution from the members and the untiring efforts of the building commitee chairman Ln.PDG K.T.Raghunath, the Charter Members Ln.Dr.K.Karunakarn and Ln.A.J.Shah laid the foundation stone of the lions hall on 28th June 2001. A plan drawn up by Ln.Rejiv Manuel, the distinguished architect of our club.
         With the efforts of Ln. Arjun Nedungadi the funds of the Ln.Balakrishnan Nair Trust was utilised to construct the hall. The construction work was started in the year 2002-03. The Lioness club donated Rs. 50,000 for the purpose. Shri Mohan Raj, son of Ln.P.Balakrishnan nair donated 2 lakhs. The members contributed liberally for the construction of the hall. The construction of the building under the able leadership of lns, Padmanbhan, D.Gopakumar, Charley Thomas, Somasundaran and Rejiv manuel and his team finally resulted in the fulfillment of a long cherished dream. the total cost of construction was Rs.35 lakhs. On the 14th of march 2004, under the president ship of Ln.Balakrishnan erady,the loins hall was formally inaugurated in a glittering function by the second international vicepresident Ln.Ashok Mehta.
  Availing the hall for Public functions  
         The Lions hall will be given to parties sponsored or recommended by the members of the club to hold functions, provided the parties strictly adhere to the rules and regulations outlined as below:

1. Since there are many private houses near the Lions Hall, the parties should take utmost care not to      cause any inconvenience to the residents, by using alcoholic beverages in or around the hall, causing      noise pollution, and parking vehicles close to the entrance of their houses

2. The parties will have to strictly follow the instructions issued by the staff of the Lions club and the      security      staff regarding the parking of vehicles and maintaining decorum in the hall and its premises.

3. The parties will have to make sure that no damage or deface to the hall or its property occur.

4. The refund of caution deposit will be made by the authorized official of the club only after ascertaining      that      no violation of rules has been taken place and any violation of the rules, the parties will forfeit the      caution      deposit.

5. The parties will ensure that nobody use the sides of the road or vacant plots nearby as urinals, or for      disposing of waste materials. Cleanliness and sanitation should be strictly enforced.

6. The parties will have to sign the document agreeing to abide by the rules before the allotment document      is issued to the parties.

7. The lions club of Calicut has the right to modify the rules from time to time and the above rules are      negotiable subject to the approval of the board of directors.

8. The parties will have to make donations to the club,Water, electricity etc and Caution deposit as per the club guidelines.

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